We have a computer program that will allow us to show you examples of what your court will look like when the job is complete. If you have a design in mind we can show you what it will look like. If you do not have a design in mind, we are happy to work several options up for you and adapt them to suit your needs.

Yes, Gym Masters can add any paint or repaint existing paint during any scheduled screen/recoat. Many facilities which have a lot of white and other light colored paint wish to repaint these areas every few years to keep the court looking new and fresh.

Yes, Gym Masters can customize your court to fit your needs and make your facility a showplace.

Just about anything you want. We usually recommend staying with a basic graphic and not a portrait for artwork. The graphics tend to show up better and give an overall better appearance when blown up to the size a graphic should be on a basketball court. Typically, we use a block style letter. We try not to use fonts that are difficult to read from the stands. We are happy to work with the facility director to do whatever graphic design is desired.